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Product Features

Accountsbook is easy to use and provides powerful tools to handle sales Management, Product Management, Billing & Invoicing, and Stock Management, etc. It is fully integrated. We are constantly evaluating new features to make sure you get the most out of it.

  • Create unlimited invoices
  • Financial Reporting with the balance sheet
  • Expense Tracking
  • Track accounts receivables with sales reports
  • Strong Support system – We provide 24*7 customer support.
  • Easy to Adapt
  • Guaranteed Low cost
  • Rich portfolio & proven software products.

This module on AccountsBook lets you manage all items that you purchase, manufacture, sell, or keep in inventory. Services can also be defined as items, although they are only related for sales. You can easily add, update, Search and Maintain item data.

It is the best module that manages the data of Employee/Staff, Supplier details like Name, Mobile, Designation, Address, etc. collected over time with detailed work reports.

Creating account groups in financial statements helps to increase their flexibility and to enable you to use a financial statement for multiple clients. In this module, you can easily manage the Business related Sales/Purchase Accounts/Asset details, etc.

This option provides a List of Business details Like Branch details, Address, User Name, Password, Registration, etc.

Product management is the best tool used to develop and improve a business’s products quickly and efficiently. These tools are used to provide increased transparency and insight into product development for other departments including marketing and sales. You can also manage the purchase, sales, stock availability.

With this module you can easily generate the purchase order of the products (or services) you ordered and the data of the amount of money you spent on them, and also add the corresponding items to your stock. Also, see the tax details You can easily get the invoices by entering the Supplier account details, Invoice No., Quantity, Unit, Amount, etc.

In this module, users can view and delete the Invoices. This feature provides a complete list of Purchase Bill. So that the user can easily access the Bill.

This feature provides information about Stock availability, Total stock, Sold Stock, Transferred Stock, etc. So the customer can identify the availability of their products. It is the very best module in our software.

This Module provides you the complete data of products/Items transfer from one location to another, moving as many items from as many places (and to as many locations) as you wish at any given time. You can add the data easily by entering data like Item Group, Item Name, Quantity, Rate, Tax, etc.

Sales management module helps users easily manage their sales reports, contacts, track sales deals, etc. All these activities will help your business meet the key goal of improving sales. You can manage the data in very little time.

In this module, users can easily generate the bill by entering Customer data like Name, Mobile No., Address, etc. You can also save or print the bill.

This feature can provide information about the generated Sales Bill. You can also filter the data by Date, Name, etc. The Sale bill report download in various formats (Excel, Pdf & CSV)

It is a very beneficial module in our software. The supplier should issue a Credit Note When goods supplied are returned by the recipient of goods supplied are found to be deficient by the recipient. The credit note serves the purpose of reducing the value of the original supply.

Through this module, you can easily add the Debit Note. This module is used in When goods sold are returned to a seller by his customer for some reason or the other, the memo issued by the seller to the customer acknowledging the receipt of the goods. Then the supplier should issue a Debit Note.

This module helps to add the payment voucher in Software by entering the Name, Bank Details, Date, Financial Year, Payment method etc.

You can easily download the data in Excel, Pdf which you are adding in payment voucher.

By using this module the user will generate and print the receipts. You can also save the data in our software. Receipts are more conveniently accessible.

In this module, the User can check all the receipts. You can easily download the data in Excel, Pdf which you are adding in receipt List.

In this Module, we search the data which the user can add. You can easily download the data in Excel, Pdf which you are adding in Contra List.

It is very good feature in Accountsbook. This modules provides the user to Add the Journal Vochers in very less time. Simply add Branch Name, Year, Amount etc.

Using this module you can easily track and manage all the pending cheque transactions. You can filter out the data & download the data in Excel & Pdf.

Purchase Management System for managing your day-to-day purchases. It is necessary for all types of business. In this module, the user can manage supplier bills, purchase orders or goods receipts, bill charges, etc.

The Module is user-friendly to make the process of calculation of the different categories of taxes, filing of returns, invoice generation, etc. easy and error-free. The system is enabled with the latest technology to the user can understand easily.